Kazar Dun


Full Name: The Dwarven Holds of Kazar Dun
Common Name: Kazar Dun
Government: Oligarchy
Head of State: The Seven Councilors of Kazar Dun
Capital: The City of Kazar Dun

The Dwarven realm of Kazar Dun straddles the World’s Fang Mountains, with the eastern side of that nation abutting The Hinterlands and the western portions spilling into The Tides of Grass. The only surviving portion of Great and Bountiful Dwarven Empire, Kazar Dun covers only about 400 square miles of territory centered on the City of Kazar Dun.

Kazar Dun is now a Oligarchy, controlled by the seven most powerful families of the realm. After the Battle of Somaraw, the Dwarven Empire fell into a prolonged period of isolation and stagnation. A Great Schism, the nature of which is still a mystery to most of Imela, caused roughly half of the population to emigrate to Upper Trelentia around 2E 100; the Dwarven Empire quietly died sometime after that. From its ashes rose Kazar Dun which over the next millennium slowly brought Dwarfkind out of their long period of isolation. Now the forges and mines of Kazar Dun churn out thousands of metal goods each day which are renowned for their quality throughout the Lands of Men. Kazar Dun is a very important trade partner for the Empire, and the trade flowing in and out of Kazar Dun is the main factor in the development and the Empire’s interest in The Hinterlands.

Notable Physical Features

The Underoad is a series of caverns and excvated tunnels that run below the surface. During the height of the Dwarven Empire, the Underoad was the main route of travel, though now only small sections are used. Many passages of the Underoad travel deeper, into the Underdark.

Notable Landmarks

The East Gate Is a massive stone dwarven head straddling the road that marks the beginning of Kazar Dun’s territory.

The City of Kazar Dun is the capital and centerpiece of Kazar Dun. Most of the population lives here.

Kazar Mol Is a small city west of the City of Kazar Dun that sits near or upon many of most productive of Kazar Dun’s mines.

Notable Individuals

Modac Dor is one of the Seven Councilors of Kazar Dun, and is personification of most dwarven traits.

Kazar Dun

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