Temple of the Fallen Hand


Located deep in the Everblack, the Temple of the Fallen Hand is devoted to Ilmater. It is built around a fallen block of stone that looks like a shattered hand.


Emthyra Berriel (Aasimar Cleric 7) is the temple’s abbot and chief priestess.

Calis Gellon (Half-Elf Paladin 2/Monk 3) is the temple’s protector.

Ban Torimo (Human Cleric 1) is the acolyte who oversees the day to day operations of the temple.

Grof Dag (Dwarf Commoner 1) is a converted dwarf and street preacher.

Ilber Hamm (Dwarf Expert 1) a physician who cares for the poor.

Asmus Atler (Dwarf Commoner 1) cares for the temple grounds.

Iolande Carmine (Elf Aristocrat 1) wealthy devotee of Ilmater from the Foreign Quarter.

Chalbus Gelg (Dwarf Warrior 1) is a kindhearted city watchman.

Kairyo Deltber (Dwarf Expert 1) is a baker who makes hearty dwarven breads.

Jamribo Ugboth (Dwarf Rogue 1) has connections to the underground.

Temple of the Fallen Hand

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