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  • Kazar Dun

    h4. Overview *Full Name*: The Dwarven Holds of Kazar Dun *Common Name*: Kazar Dun *Government*: Oligarchy *Head of State*: The Seven Councilors of Kazar Dun *Capital*: [[The City of Kazar Dun]] The Dwarven realm of Kazar Dun straddles the *World …

  • Temple of the Fallen Hand

    h4. Overview Located deep in the Everblack, the Temple of the Fallen Hand is devoted to *Ilmater*. It is built around a fallen block of stone that looks like a shattered hand. h4. Staff [[:emthyra-berriel | Emthyra Berriel]] (Aasimar Cleric 7) …

  • Modac Dor

    One of the seven *Councilors of Kazar Dun*, Modac is an extremely boisterous and jovial fellow. Like most dwarves, he enjoys a strong drink, a large meal, and a good tale. He sometimes hunts in the wilderness of The Hinterlands and seeks relics from the * …

  • Hana Weaverestrum

    Cool and graceful, Hana stalks the Everdark of Kazar Dun, hunting for all manner of fell beasts who dwell there. A former *Elven Ranger*, Hana left [[The Erinewilds | The Erinewilds]] to pursue her own fortune in the wilds of the Hinterlands.

  • Atlas

    Atlas is the bartender at the *Stag's Head* Tavern in [[The City of Kazar Dun]]. He is also a member of the *Imperial Order of Monster Hunters, and is the gatekeeper to that organization's meeting room at the Stag's Head.