Eccentric human alchemist


General Information

Name: Zabby
Race: Human
Class: Alchemist
Faction: Party
Attitude To Party: Member
Patron: Ogmha
Theme Song: Savant – Firecloud

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Skin: Pasty Pale
Eyes: Pink
Hair: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Has large burns on one arm



Zabby is a disheveled and crazy blue-haired, pink-eyed mad alchemist with burns on her arms along with tattoos and a weird sense of style and dealing with things.

She comes from the greatest place in the world, also know as the worst place in the world…but we will worry about that later.

She is a very friendly person, with a big heart that is full of a love for things that go BOOM! As far as anyone knows she does not have any family or friends, she just wonders and does what she pleases, you know stealing stuff, eating food, blowing up things.
Her way of dealing with situations and her motives are never clear to anyone or even to her but she does what she feels and acts based upon her emotions.

She clearly isn’t one of high stature and came from a very poor family, not exactly attuned to what is normal and what isn’t. But I assure you, you will find no other creature from any land that is as exuberant, crazy, easily excitable and as bomb crazy as Zasparillalisouszzy.

So stick around, get to know more about her and let the fiery fun live on. We shall see where it takes Zabby and her new found friends.


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