Tempest Doran

Human Sorcerer and Merchant


General Information

Name: Tempest Doran
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer
Faction: Party
Attitude To Party: Member
Theme Song: Beats Antique – Grandstand

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 170 lbs.
Skin: Kinda Tan
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Black
Distinguishing Marks:


Tempest Doran is a merchant and sorcerer from the rich trading province of Ganoa. When he was young he spent most of his time with his father; his mother died during childbirth. His father, Emelio Doran ran the Doran Trading house, one of the larger trading guilds in Ganoa. Raised in the slums, Emelio worked his entire life to get to where he was, cultivating contacts and studying wizardry. The key to his burgeoning fame was his ability to craft a myriad of staves, rods, and magical items- Doran’s creations gained a reputation for being some of the best in all of Ganoa and were even prized in the great cities of Salderon.

As a child Tempest spent much of his time observing of his father, learning the art of business. Emeilo also made sure Tempest always paid respect to those less fortunate and to promise that he would always give to the people in the slums and the Church of Illmater. He told his son that “There are only two kinds of people in this world: those who have and those who have naught. Just as those who have band together, we who have naught must as well. Even though we have some things, some wealth, all of it can easily be taken. So do not let what you have define you, my son, because you do not want to allow people to take who you are.”

Throughout Tempest’s childhood, his father was constructing a fantastic staff, reportedly with the help of Hurlan himself. Tempest was set to inherit the staff, however the night it was completed his father was assassinated and the staff stolen. Tempest, a mere lad of twelve years old, was unable to take control of his father’s guild and it was handed down to the second in command. Through the forces of the nascent free-market style economy growing in Ganoa, the guild was merged with a Tresser Imports and Exports and the extra assets were sold off. The payoff was divided between the former managers of Doran Trading House, who then dispersed. With all that his father had worked for snatched away he was shipped off to the very slums that his father once lived. While he lived alone in a small bedroom the slum dwellers raised him and fed him gave him work when he got older.

Magic was ingrained in Tempest; it flowed through his very blood. Even with all of his father’s books gone he could draw from *Mystra*’s power- it had it limits but it was there. Tempest practiced magic every day; he had no money for components or formal training so he did it with out them. As an adult he took the mantle of sorcerer. When he began doing magical task for those in the slum for free this drew the attention the of the guild that had subsumed his fathers guild. He was approached and told that if he did not come to work for them bad things would befall those who live in the slums. Fearing for those that took care of him he accepted, but he had always planned to go and work for those who took over what his father built and take it back . For five years he has been working his way up through the Tresser Imports and Exports organization; Tempest had become a trusted agent., but he continued to seek to track down his father’s staff. In 3E 11, he was sent to Kazar Dun to establish a connections for Tresser Imports and Exports. While this was his largest and most important task yet, he had learned that, fortuitously, But it just so happens that the next next clue to his father’s staff was somewhere in The Hinterlands.

Tempest Doran

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