Savage huntress with the wit and charm of a snapping turtle.


General Information

Name: Milu
Race: Human
Class: Druid
Faction: Party
Attitude To Party: Member
Patron: Malar
Theme Song:

Physical Description

Distinguishing Marks:


Milu is rather tall for a human female and strikes a rather imposing figure with amber eyes and white-blond hair. She is lithe and wiry and sports many scars, most appearing to be the result of claw and fang. She keeps the sides of her head shaved to display the claw tattoos that run on both sides of her head and extend to her eyes and cheekbones. She keeps her hair is a tangle of braids and dread locks interwoven with the occasional feather and bone.

Much of her behavior is more animal than human. She hates towns and despises being in doors. She tolerates people for the most part, but can be most unforgiving if she feels she has been wronged. Her one true friend is Rashaar, a young Siberian tiger. A fair amount of the scars she has have been received by “playing” with him. There is well-earned trust there, as well as mutual respect.

The Dogma of Malar

Survival of the fittest and the winnowing of the weak are Malar’s legacy. A brutal, bloody death or kill has great meaning. The crux of life is the challenge between the hunter and the prey, the determination of who lives or dies. View every important task as a hunt. Remain ever alert and alive. Walk the wilderness without trepidation, and show no fear to the hunt. Savagery and strong emotions defeat reason and careful thought in all things. Taste the blood of those you slay, and never kill from a distance. Work against those who cut back the forest and who kill beasts solely because they are dangerous. Slay not the young, the pregnant, or deepspawn so that prey will remain plentiful.


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