Melmo Eloise Koptar

Slightly inept purple wizardess.


General Information

Name: Melmo Eloise Koptar
Race: Human
Class: Wizard
Faction: Party
Attitude To Party: Member
Patron: Mystra
Theme Song: Baja- The Astronauts

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Age: 25
Height: 4’9"
Weight: 96 Lbs.
Skin: Slightly Ruddy
Eyes: Hazelnut
Hair: Brunette
Distinguishing Marks: She’s slightly overweight, and has a mousy face.


Melmo is a wizard first encountered in Meadhollow. She is rather short for a human, and often wears purple or violet robes. She carries a wand but has yet to be observed using it for anything other than waving it around and whistling. Melmo claims to be the apprentice of the great Archmage, Hurlan, and is focused on reaching Oogalore.

Melmo Eloise Koptar

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