Hibiki Takane

Noble warrior from a distant land.


General Information

Name: Hibiki Takane
Race: Human
Class: Samurai
Faction: Party
Attitude To Party: Member
Theme Song: Xenoblade Chronicles – Confrontation with the Enemy

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Age: 19
Height: 5’1"
Weight: 91 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Tinted
Distinguishing Marks: Wears odd clothing from another land.



Hibiki Takane is the only child of Genzo Takane, a former soldier and renowned sword smith from Kibo. He retired to an isolated area in the countryside with his wife and newborn daughter but continued his work for various swordswomen around the country. When Hibiki was two years old, a woman warrior with golden eyes and a cross shaped scar on her face approached Genzo and requested that he forge her a sword. Genzo refused the woman, sensing something off about her. The woman left without a word but returned after three nights. She again requested a sword and again, Genzo refused. This time the woman attacked, crippling Genzo, killing Hibiki’s mother, and taking a sword. Genzo never recovered from the shame.

When Hibiki was five years old, an old friend of her father’s, Hiko, came to get his sword repaired. Learning what had happened years earlier, Hiko decided to teach Hibiki the way of the sword. Through him, she learned the sword style Muso Shinden-Ryu, a rare style of the discipline known as Iaido. She excelled at it.

Years passed and her training continued. She visited her father as often as she could, telling him about her training. Her father eventually fell ill. Despite this, he made one last sword for a red skinned, foreign warrior that came to stay with him. This sword was used to end his life by the man who requested it. Hibiki returned from one of her long training sessions to find her father dead. He left her a letter telling her about his intended duel with the man. He also wrote about his greatest shame, a sword he made for her, called Yuki and that the woman who crippled him stole it years ago. He told her to live a life of peace and to ignore the woman, and, most importantly, to forgive his shame.

After her father’s death, Hibiki decided to go on a journey across Kibo. Hiko gave her his first sword, Hiten Ryu as a blessing. While only simple shikomizue in appearance, the blade is unusually sharp, light and fast. Firstly, she studied at the Samurai Academy on the slopes of Mount Kibo, where she learned honor, discipline, and patience. After two years of study, meditation, and standing under a waterfall shouting, Hibiki departed to find the man who killed her father to duel him and to see if he is truly worthy of her father’s last sword. She also wants to find the woman who stole Yuki and kill her. Lastly, she hopes to restore her father’s honor by becoming a famous adventurer.

On a snowy field at the beginning of winter, early Juntember 3E 11, Hibiki found the woman with the golden eyes and the cross shaped scar. She challenged the woman to duel, who laughed but accepted. As Hibiki was about to land her first strike she vanished, reappearing six thousand miles north along a roadside in The Hinterlands. There, the party was embroiled in combat with a horde of Nuencia Negroit’s undead. Melmo’s wand went wild with magical energy as Hibiki appeared. After the battle, Hibiki decided to travel with the party to search for answers.

Hibiki Takane

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