Emthyra Berriel

Aasimar cleric of Ilmater


General Information

Name: Emthrya Berriel
Race: Aasimar
Class: Cleric
Faction: Party
Attitude To Party: Member
Patron: Ilmater
Theme Song: Paprika Opening Credits Theme

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Age: 74
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 140 lbs.
Skin: Glowing Porcelain
Eyes: Peridot
Hair: Pearlescent White


Emthyra Berriel: Aasimar cleric, aged 74.
Lustrous, pearlescent white hair, green, peridot like eyes, glowing porcelain skin 5’9”, 140lbs

Emthyra is the third and last child of two half elf adventurers, Narissa, a cleric and Delwyn, a ranger. From her birth, she was much favored by her parents, who saw her as a miracle. Much to the chagrin of her older brothers, Celwin and Galin (8 and 10 respectively), who were born normal half elves. Emthyra got more attention than they did combined, or so they felt. She could handle herself, as her brothers came to realize, and eventually they found that she was an excellent sparring partner. When she was about 15, her parents stopped adventuring and settled in a large city, Ravenfell. There she apprenticed under her mother to become a cleric.

During her adolescence and teenage years in the city, she began to understand the importance of class and race, and other injustices in the world. She saw terrible things done to good people, and she could not stand it. On one occasion, THE occasion, she saw a young tiefling being harassed by a group of men. They were calling her a demon, a beast, and other terrible names. There was a spark in her that day; it was like something was telling her to bring peace to this situation, to diffuse it rather than turn it into a bloodbath (as it could easily escalate). Emthyra marched through the crowd of men, and stood in front of the tiefling girl. She chastised them for ganging up on an innocent girl who had done nothing wrong, and patiently explained that those who apologized now, and promised never to be involved in this sort of behavior again, were free to leave. Anyone else would meet a swift and brutal punishment. She could hardly believe it was herself when she said the words, but she felt them and believed the words. The men dispersed and apologized, save one. Things did not end well for him, but he did not suffer. The tiefling girl thanked her and ran off. From that day on, she was a true servant of Ilmater, and began wearing red threads around her wrists as a daily reminder of her deity.

After telling her brothers about what had happened, they decided to take different jobs to protect the city and the outskirts from the same kind of injustices, a kind of city watch meets private security. They continued this for the next 50 years, enforcing the laws of man. The lands around her city were now quite safe, and Emthyra wanted to continue this service for other towns, maybe even the empire itself. Her parents and brothers have decided to remain in Ravenfell, but Emthyra felt it was time to move on. She continues to send some money to her brothers when she can to help pay for her parents in their retirement. Her best friend, Nierra (a half elf), is also helping out around their home(much to the pleasure of her brothers, who both pine for her affection).

Emthyra Berriel

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