Dul Barvak

Dwarven mayoral hopeful of Meadhollow


General Information

Name: Dul Barvak
Race: Dwarf
Class: Expert
Faction: Meadhollow
Attitude To Party: Friendly
Patron: Grumbar
Theme Song:

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Age: 67
Height: 4’2"
Weight: 238 lbs.
Hair: Dirty Brown
Eyes: Earthy Brown
Skin: Ruddy and rough
Distinguishing Marks: Long, well kept beard.


A resident of Meadhollow and one of its leading citizens, Dul Barvak is a dwarf from Karak Trell in Upper Trelentia. He often wears a thick apron and is covered and soot and coal dust. He is often mistaken for a smith (which he hates) but is in fact the owner and operator of Meadhollow’s small coal mine. Dul’s mine is the second largest employer in the town, after the mead industry. He employs mostly dwarves. He doubts the mine will be viable for much longer, however, and is seeking to place himself in a new line of work- the mayor of the town.

Dul Barvak

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