The Salderine Empire

Standard greeting?

These last two days were bizarre. I have encountered three more “subjects” who will be traveling with our rag tag group. A girl, Zabby, with blue hair who to my sheer amusement throws bombs but Upon learning where she is from I would use bombs as well. Zabby will be a entertaining companion. There was a man, tempest, I don’t know much about him except he is a merchan—t and due to his common failures likely removed from his family regestry. With in minutes of meeting him he tried to trap Hibiki in webs so skeleton enemies could kill her the following day he promptly put poor Teepo in danger I sure hope he knows Teepo doesn’t need to sleep. Hibiki….in true welcoming fashion was killed. She was but a young child it seems she knew hou maybe we can write her family let them know what has come of the child. Once maybe 20-25 years ago I saw a cleric bring a man back to life Lazarus I believe his name was maybe I can find him and ask how he did that. Either way I welcome the new commers if the prove both to be helpful and provide useful information. -**Mystral



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