Veredale is directly west of Salderon, east of the Princedoms, and south of The Hinterlands. Veredale is predominately covered in verdant green fields and meadows, with the occasional stream, pond, large rise, bog, or stand of trees. Veredale is the ancestral homeland of the halflings; they were conquered by the Empire near the beginning of the Dark Ages. In the centuries that followed, the Halflings resisted fiercely, launching rebellions and worshiping the Halfling pantheon in defiance of Imperial decree. As time wore on, however, the halflings began to appreciate Imperial protection, and now happily consider themselves Imperial subjects. With the removal of any restrictions on faith, the Halfling and Gnome pantheons are worshiped here, along side the Imperial pantheon. Many halfings still live here, either on farmsteads or in small communities. Many groups of gnomes have settled here as well, though their numbers are small. The regional capital, and only city of note, is Vanchester on the shores of the Shallow Sea. Veredale is relatively safe, though goblins, kobolds, and other monstrous humanoids still cling to dark places and bandits patrol many roads.

Notable Landmarks

Vanchester is the regional capital. Most of the Halfling and Gnome churches are centered here, as is the temple of Oghmah.


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