Upper Trelentia


Mainly situated on a peninsula jutting northwards, Upper Trelentia is a cool and rocky place. High cliffs, imposing mountains, and taiga forests dot the landscape. Only The Hinterlands are more untamed than Upper Trelentia. During the Dark Age, a great schism in the dwarven holds of The Great and Bountiful Dwarven Empire drove thousands of dwarven refugees to Upper Trelentia, where they carved out the mountain city of Karak Trell. Protection agreements and trade grew into full incorporation of Karak Trell and the smaller dwarven settlements around it into the Empire. As such, most of the Empire’s dwarves hail from Upper Trelentia. Small human fishing villages line the coast, where the Deep Ocean meets the land. Communities of elves and gnomes can be found here as well. For reasons only known by the most venerated of dwarven elders, the Karak Trell dwarves gladly swore off worship of the dwarven pantheon when the Empire demanded it. Even with the free religion becoming the policy of Empire, worship of the dwarven pantheon is still taboo. The only other city of note is the regional capital of Salavisvardbad- an unlawful walled city famous for its prison and the deplorable conditions there. Most of Upper Trelentia is untamed, however. Tigers, bears, giants, wyvrens, and orcs are a few of the creatures that infest the pine forests and alpine meadows. Upper Trelentia is separated from Lower Trelentia by the Trelent river.

Notable Landmarks

The center of the Empires dwarven population, Karak Trell is carved into a cliffside. The city houses many workshops and mines dot the surrounding hills. Much of the equipment for the Imperial Army is made here.

Salavisvardbad is often reffered to as the armpit of the Empire- and that is being generous. The city has strong walls- not so much to keep the wilds out, but to keep the murderers, thieves and whores in.

Notable people

Milu is a human druid of Malar from the far north of Upper Trelentia.

Zabby human alchemist from Salavisvardbad.

Upper Trelentia

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