Salderon is both the geographic and political center of the Empire. Salder, the largest city in the Empire and is also the seat of the Imperial Throne, is located at the confluence of several major rivers and important roadways. Over two million beings live in Salder alone, and there are other large cities and almost innumerable towns, villages and hamlets dotting the countryside. Much of Salderon is gentle rolling hills, dotted with small forests. All types of beings live in Salderon’s cosmopolitan cities, though much of the countryside and outlying towns are populated humans. It has long been the safest and most controlled Imperial province. As the seat of Imperial power, the Imperial pantheon is worshiped exclusively here- shrines and temples to nearly every deity of the pantheon can be found somewhere in Salderon. Salderon is wholly surrounded by other Imperial provinces; only The Hinterlands do not share a border with Salderon.

Notable Landmarks

Overne is the seat of the church of Illmater.
Salder is the Imperial Capital and most populous City.

Notable Individuals

Empress Mipharose I is the ruler of the Empire.
Emthyra Berriel is a cleric of Illmater and party member.
Roderick Usher is a tiefling Magus and party member.


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