The Empire is a large and populous place. Many organizations, orders, guilds, secret societies, and cults operate within its borders and abroad.

Imperial Orders

Over its long history, the Empire has established numerous Imperial Orders. These orders vary in strength and importance; some a little more than glorified guilds, while others are powerful parts of the Imperial Army.

The Imperial Corps of Engineers is the newest Imperial Order, created by Empress Mipharose shortly after her coronation. They oversee public works, siege weapons, and the construction of new buildings. Many of their members are gnomes.

The Imperial Order of Monster Hunters is a loose collection fighters, rangers, slayers and others interested in slaying monsters. They have a very loose hierarchy, and try to stay out of Imperial politics.

The Imperial Order of the Spellblade is a band of Magi and others who mix martial prowess with arcane talent. They sometimes work with the Imperial Army, but they have their own agenda.

Religious Groups and Temples

The People of the Black Blood are a cult of Malarites operating in The Hinterlands.

The Temple of the Fallen Hand is a new construction being undertaken by Emthyra Berriel and Calis Gellon. It is located in The City of Kazar Dun’s Everblack district.

Trade Guilds

The Duran Lumiosa Trading Consortium is a new trading house operating in The City of Kazar Dun. It is run by Tempest Doran.


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