Meadhollow is a small town deep in The Hinterlands, along the Hinterlands road. All trade from Veredale and Ganoaa heading to Kazar Dun passes through Meadhollow- it has grown rapidly in the past decade. While much of Meadhollow’s economy is fueled by passing traders and caravans, the town is best known for (and named after) its mead production. The immense wildflower fields outside of town teem with both wild and domesticated bees, as well as their giant cousins. That, coupled with the abundance of natural springs makes it an ideal place to brew the beverage. Meadhollow also has a small coal mine, which supplies the town.

While situated in a large meadow, Meadhollow is not too far from the thick pine forests that blanket most of the Hinterlands. It also lies south of the Ogre Run, a wild and unnavigable river flowing from the Erinewilds. In the spring, the Ogre Run often overflows its banks. Wooden bridges usually don’t last more than a season or two; the Empire is building a wide stone bridge over the river but the remoteness of Meadhollow makes it slow going work.

Notable People

Bert the Beemancer, weird dude who hangs out with bees.
Dul Barvak, operator of the coal mine and mayoral candidate.
Antner Grenburg, retiring mayor.
Cedrine Ulmak cleric of Chauntea.
Waldo, shady magic merchant and mayoral hopeful.


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