Lower Trelentia


Lower Trelentia is often times considered the least impressive province of the Empire. Its cities are smaller than those of Salderon, its ports are not as wealthy as those of Ganoa, it’s fields are not as verdant as the ones found in Veredale, its wilds are not as untamed as those of Upper Trelentia, and its forests not as imposing as those in the Erinewilds. However, many people still live here, including humans, elves, and dwarves. Nature deities are often worshiped here- temples and shrines to Chauntea and Silvanus can be found in nearly every town. Lower Trelentia also holds the center of the church of Talos, the God of storms, in a weather wracked precipice overlooking the Deep Ocean. Like most other provinces, Lower Trelentia has its share of monsters, including goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears.

Notable People

Melmo Eloise Koptar hails from a fishing village in Lower Trelentia.

Lower Trelentia

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