Loot Rules

  1. Loot is rewarded after and during game sessions
  2. You must be present at the game session present to claim loot
  3. Gold is split into even shares
  4. Ram’sai Gordons gets an equal share of all gold
  5. Melmo only gets a share if she participates in a given combat/adventure
  6. Any loot not claimed in game will go into Ram’Sai’s wagon
  7. You may express an interest in loot in the wagon out of a game session, but it can only be claimed during a game session
  8. Ram’Sai will sell all unclaimed loot when the group reaches a settlement
  9. When Rams’Sai sells loot in this way, the proceeds will be split equally between ALL Party members, including Ram’Sai, Melmo, and any not present.
  10. Claiming an item to with the sole purpose of selling it to keep all the gold for yourself will be looked down upon both in character and out of character.

Current Loot

+1 Battleaxe (2310), +1 Dwarven Dron-degar (2350), +1 Dwarven Double Waraxe (2360), +1 Heavy Crossbow x2 (4700),

+1 Chain shirt (1250), +1 Hide Armor (1165), +1 Splint Mail (1350), +1 Studded Leather x2 (2350),

+1 Amulet of Natural Armor (2000), +1 Ring of Protection (2000), Scroll of Clairaudience (375), Scroll of Solid Fog (700), Scroll of Stinking Cloud (375), Scroll of Stone Shape (375), Potion of Cure Light Wounds (300)

Total 23780
Half 11890
Per Person 1189


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