The land of Kibo is a peninsula at the extreme southern end of the Lands of Men, far west of the World’s Tail Mountains. The peninsula is centered around a single massive volcano, Mount Kibo. The Volcanic soil is very rich, so the mountain is ringed by lush forests. Much of the coastal areas are shallow bogs or rolling meadows.

The land is a fractious and divided and ruled by a collection of clans, warlords, and noble ladies. The borders change almost daily from marriages, political scheming, and open warfare. The society is female dominated, with women as the major land owners. The strongest stabilizing influence comes from the Samurai, a noble warrior class who fight for a personal code of honor. However, their numbers are dwindling.

Notable Physical Features

The Great Bridge connects Kibo to Kogurre Oh. It is actually an isthmus, and is one of the most fortified places in the world.

Mount Kibo is the largest volcano on the planet and is very active. It regularly spews molten lava from numerous vents, though it has been many years since a major eruption.


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