Ganoa, sometimes called the ‘Sun Dappled Coast’, is the southern most province of the Salderine Empire. The warm and forgiving Shallow Sea makes up most of the coastline of this warm and wet province. Ganoa teems with life in its many swamps, forest, rivers, and hills. Almost all trade going to the rest of the Lands of Men passes through Ganoa’s many ports- the merchants of this province are very rich. Ganoa is a very cosmopolitan province, second only to Salderon. The cities teem with shipyards, banking houses, and markets. Beyond the coastal cities and the large, well patrolled roads leading to Salderon and Veredale; Ganoa is a wild place. Ogres, trolls, orcs and goblins are a few of the creatures that can be found in the interior of Ganoa, though the Empire is focusing much of its military power in clearing them out. All sorts of races can be found living and working in Ganoa, though dwarves find the climate too warm. The Imperial Pantheon is widely worshipped here, though deities of merchants and luck, such as Waukeen and Tymora, and of sailors, such as Valkur and Umbleree, have the grandest temples. The island kingdom of Alum lies to the south of Ganoa.

Notable Landmarks

Benetzia sits on a patch of drained swamps and manufactured islands in the middle of Ganoa’s coastline. Formerly an independent city state, Benetzia was conquered by the Empire in 2E 898. While mostly content, occational rumbling of rebellion still can be heard in Bray though the benevolent rule of Empress Mipharose has quieted much of that. The Wizarding College of Evocation, the Benetzia School of Magic, attracted would be wizards from around the Empire. Benetzia is also the closest city to Alum- the merchants there enjoy trade with that nation but are worried about pirate atatcks and invasion by an over ambitious Alumite Baron.

Bray is the only large city not on the coast. Bray sits on The River Bray and at the confulence of many major roads. Almost all traffic heading into and out of Salderon passes through Bray, and subsequently it has become very wealthy. It is the provincial capital, a fact that has irked Ludmildans for centuries.

Ludmilda is the largest city of Ganoa. Situated at wide natural harbor near the border of Veredale, Ludmilda revives most of the trade coming from the lands to the south and west. The church of Waukeen in centered here.

Rieserdamm sits where the Deep Ocean and the Shallow sea meet. While most of the trade entereing the Empire comes through further west, enterprising Rieserdammer merchant have cultivated a new form of business- banking and finance. The largest and most important banks and stock exchanges have all sprouted up within the last half century, growing Rieserdamm’s importance. Expeditions heading to the Lands of Beasts depart from here, though the seldom return.

Notable People

Emlio Duran, a renowned staff maker, lived and died in Ganoa.

Tempest Doran, a merchant sorcerer and Emilio’s son, hails from Ganoa.


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