The Kingdom of Alum


Alum is a feudal Kingdom perched on an island chain south of the Empire. While officially ruled by a king, a majority of the power in Alum is held by the many feudal Barons who have carved out swathes of territory across the tall forests, rolling hills, and low, tree covered mountains that make up Alum. While they all swear fealty to the King, the Barons are by no mean united- they scheme, plot, and war against each other tirelessly.

Alum is a long time rival of the Empire, and the two nations have warred and invaded each other several times over the past millennium. However a tenuous peace has existed between the two nations for several decades, due in small part to the constant conflict within Alum itself. This is exactly how the Empire wants it, and a legion of Imperial assassins and spies works to see that the status quo is maintained.


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