Tag: Elf


  • Majenta Pryce

    Majenta Pryce is a female elf. She stands just over six feet tall and has striking green skin. She carries a rapier and a short sword and typically wears a cloak over her leather armor. Her hair is white and falls past her eyes, and her eyes shine yellow. …

  • Simathon Caster

    An orphan from the streets of one of [[Salderon | Salderon's]] great cities, Sim spent nearly a century living off the streets, seeing his human friends grow old and die as he stayed relatively young. He fled the city for a secret reason and left for [[ …

  • Hana Weaverestrum

    Cool and graceful, Hana stalks the Everdark of Kazar Dun, hunting for all manner of fell beasts who dwell there. A former *Elven Ranger*, Hana left [[The Erinewilds | The Erinewilds]] to pursue her own fortune in the wilds of the Hinterlands.