Female Devil who makes a lot of trouble.


Name: Xydeka
Race: Horned Devil
Faction: Xydeka’s Devils
Attitude To Party: Annoying
Theme Song: Dokken- Mister Scary

Physical Description

Gender: Probably Female?
Age: Older than you
Height: 9’ 7"
Weight: 714 Lbs, 6 oz.
Skin: Blue
Eyes: Slate Grey
Hair: Red
Distinguishing Marks: A pair of curling horns, a spade tipped tail, a pair of huge, bat-like wings.


A renegade devil from Hell, Xydeka claims to be looking to collect a debt from Hurlan. Like all devils, she is obsessive about order and bureaucracy, but replaces outright malice with mischief. She still is, thought, throughly and unequivocally evil.

The Party has encountered her twice, once in Hurlan’s Hinterland’s tower, and once when they were dragged to her Infernal Waiting Room.


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