Modac Dor

Bousterious Councilor of Kazar Dun


Name: Modac Dor
Race: Dwarf
Class: Paladin
Faction: Kazar Dun
Attitude To Party: Friendly
Theme Song: Mussorgsky – The Song of the Flea

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Age: 146
Height: 3’ 11
Weight: 197 Lbs.
Skin: Bruised and Scarred
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Bald
Distinguishing Marks: Long white beard


One of the seven Councilors of Kazar Dun, Modac is an extremely boisterous and jovial fellow. Like most dwarves, he enjoys a strong drink, a large meal, and a good tale. He sometimes hunts in the wilderness of The Hinterlands and seeks relics from the Great and Bountiful Dwarven Empire. Modac is a pious member of the Church of Moradin.

He was encountered by the party in Early Junetember, 3E 11, when he shared a meal with them. The group returned some dwarven artwork and gained a favor with the man.

Modac Dor

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