Jaycinth Abolday

Tiefling Spellsword


General Information

Name: Jaycinth Abolday
Race: Teifling
Class: Magus
Faction: Imperial Order of the Spellblades
Attitude To Party: Friendly

Physical Description

Height: 5’7"
Weight: 130 pounds
Skin: Orange
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Red
Distinguishing Marks: Pair of short horns, has hooves instead of feet, has a tail.


A ranking member of the Imperial Order of the Spellblade. Jaycinth is a a female tiefling, with small pointed horns, hooves, and orange skin. She set the party against the Weaseltoad goblins, and then later against Ixan Negroit. She was the highest ranking Imperial official to survive the dragon attack on Bulver’s Bastion, and left the town shorty after to collect reinforcements. She returned at the head of an Imperial Army, complete with pikemen, archers, a small band of battle wizards, knights lead by Liard Larancarli, and even an experimental siege weapon.

Jaycinth Abolday

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