Empress Mipharose

Empress of the Salderine Empire


General Information

Name: Empress Mipharose DeSalle the First
Race: Human
Class: Empress
Faction: The Empire
Attitude To Party: She doesn’t even know you exist
Theme Song: Jean Sibelius – Finlandia

Physical Description

Gender: Female
Age: 34
Height: 6’ 5"
Weight: An Imperial Secret
Skin: Almost Golden
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Grey and Silver


Mipharose I is the current Empress and head of State of the Salderine Empire. She succeeded her father, Emperor Caradine the XIV, following his death twelve years ago. Upon her coronation, she proclaimed the end of the Second Era and the beginning of the Third. She also lifted all bans and restrictions on worship, making freedom of religion official empire policy.

Empress Mipharose

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