Solitary Ogre Hunter


General Information

Name: Male
Race: Ogre
Class: Ranger
Faction: Meadhollow
Attitude To Party: Neutral
Theme Song: Donkey Kong Country Returns – Tree Top Rock Returns&

Physical Description

Gender: Male
Age: About 30
Height: 7’4"
Weight: 300 lbs.
Skin: Mottled
Eyes: Tiny Black
Hair: Dirty Brown
Distinguishing Marks: Large round face, unkempt hair and beard


Choolak is an ogre who lives in the territory beyond Meadhollow. He leads solitary life though sometimes trades animals he hunts with the villagers of Meadhollow. He is not hostile to human and their ilk, though they don’t often treat him well. He simply wants to live in Meadhollow, where he can have a roof over his head and access to alcohol. Choolak has a deep seated hatred for Gnolls, though he never explains why (and no one asks). He carries a huge magical sword that has the unnerving quality of dripping blood when unsheathed.


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