The Salderine Empire


OH and also explosions

Hello my dearest friends a various shapes, sizes and explode sounds.

Man have we had a momentous day, it started off really well, just grabbing a drink at a bar, doing what any sensible human would do and start juggling…you know…bombs…….with my feet.
Instead of being AMAZED at the sight they didn’t like it very much, bunch of party poopers.

BUT HEY I got to meet this weird looking guy (or maybe he really is a girl because he was kinda pretty) name TEMPOTASTICALISTICFUL!!! aka Mr.T and his fluffy foxy companion who probably tastes like chicken.

explosive sound in the background followed by screaming (because you know, people can hear stuff through reading, at least I can!) .

Where was I OOOOH YEAH!! So we went on an an epic quest of cartwheels and walking (he was walking cause he is LAME!!! and also maybe a girl) and ran into this red person who is SUPER STRONG and probably tastes likes spicy chicken and a weird lady who wants to drink my mutagens with a centipede that ALSO probably tastes like chicken!!! but I like her, she gives me fire -

and the crazy cat lady who stole my fire!!! (what a jerk) I am not sure what to think about her, the only thing I want to know at this point is if she is more flammable because of this YEEEEES FIIIIIRE! MMMMMHMMMMM

Oh sorry, lost track again but WEEEEEEEEEEEE oh and I also enjoyed those two weird people who we’re fighting in a bush, they seemed nice but I am not sure why they chose a bush to fight in REGARDLESS! The pretty lady got nommed by a skello spider and I hope she comes back so we can go to the Volcano together :(

BUT OTHER THEN THAT!! There was romance, adventure EXPLOSIVES death MORE EXPLOSIVES and lots of killin. I almost got killed twice, it was great.

I forgot what I came here to do, but any butts! I am excited to do more fun and crazy firey things with them and learn more and blow up more as well, and hopefully that orange lady will let me lick her face!!

SMELL YA LATER just not that cat lady, she smells like rotten cheese.




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