The Salderine Empire

Put your hands up...HAHA YOU CAN'T!

gotta die sometime

SoooooOOOoooOO……its been awhile hasn’t it!

I got to focused on making stuff and drinking that I TOTALLY forgot to write anything that happened down OOPSY DOODLE!!

Well never fear , I promise to NEVER disappoint.THE DUEL FINALLY HAPPENED HURRAY!!! There was laughter, there was blood and oooh there was lots of drinking YUM YUM YUM!!

OH and we slugged around in the sewage to help find Melmo’s wand (cause she probably ate it) but it turned out she didn’t (she probably ate her familiar though)
Killed the swampogator, chased down some guy and Hibiki CUT HIS FREAKING HAND OFF….IT WAS AWESOME!!! But I am really scared now because I heard something about stealing, how its bad….I don’t want to lose my hand :(

Poor Hibiki she lost her hair pins, BUT I GOT THEM BACK and her and crazy tiger lady got into a big fight over Hibiki killing the guy who I promised to spit spiders on. SHE WAS BLEEDING BLACK. But never fear, she is still down in the sewers for SOOOME reason and I GOT HAIR PINS FOR ME AND HIBIKI it is so much fuuun…. I offered one to How but he didn’t seem please, hope he doesn’t cut my hand off.

ANYWAYS!! that is enough of this BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING stuff I am going to go throw things with my attached hands Zabby OUT! :D



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