The Salderine Empire

noo news from miloo

helo again it has ben a while since i wrote anything and i need to practice my writing not just in common but in other langwages languages too. the new freinds i’ve made will have much to teech me i am sure but i have to learn to talk malarite first. i do not trust them. they are predators like me, but the none of us are pack hunters. i enjoyed the red sabbath we had it was lots of fun and i need to do that more if i can.

i got to fight a kimerra and it was fun and i got to eat its heart and it was really really good. too bad i had to store the other heart in a jar. rashaar was really happy that he got to kill one thanks to mistral. she put it to sleep and rashaar tore all three of its heads off. even the new girl zabby ate some of the heart so she must be pretty smart cuz hearts are good for you. she likes to blow things up and that is neat but she isn’t careful with fire and that is bad when you are in the woods becuz you don’t want to start a fire in the woods. she was angry when i took away her burning stick and likes to remind me that i smell like musk. musk is a good thing to smell like it lets other predators know you are there and it will help if rashaar gets lost he can always find me. zabby smells like poison and soot and poo but because she smells so bad i can always find her too if she gets lost.

we met a small pretty man named tempest too and i don’t trust him because he hits things with his spells that he shouldn’t. he hit the small dead girl with web and missed the skellingtons and he almost skwished teepo. if someone hurt rashaar i would be very angry and would maybe have to maul them a little bit. the dead girl wasn’t dead when we met her she was killed by a giant skellington spider becuz emthyra was busy snogging with rodrick and i wasn’t paying attention. i should have saved her. i could have saved her too but i didn’t and i feel bad because she died. me and rashaar can take her back to mead hollow to cedrine and ask that she bring her back or i can maybe find some other malarites and ask them to reincarnate her but i don’t know if she would like that so maybe we will just go to mead hollow but it is a very long trip.

i don’t want to write anymore becauz my hand hurts.



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