The Salderine Empire

morr wurds to share

dere book,
i have not writed in a while, but i think i need more practis and may bee i will become more gud better if i do that so that is what i am doing. we have new people with us and i am sad i missed seeing hell becuz i dont know if i culd ever see some thing like that again so that makes me sad. i am very angry to because that neck romancer got away. we do not let the prey get away. i must make myself stronger so that i can onher onner make malar proud. some weerd tribe of the tiger gave me a simatar scimitar and it has a plesent black glow that the others do not like. the man called me “ut tigrosh” which i guess means the tiger. we killed the bear people that were attaking him but one tryde to get away and the red man hou cot him and lied to me about killing him. so dav and me killed him. not hou, the other guy. dav is the man from the tiger clan. i do not think it is wize to release an enemy be cuz if they go back to there home, they will bring more and attack. may bee we shud have asked him things first but i think its tooo late for that now unless emthyra can ask her god to ask him some kwestshuns questions. i have bought a dikshunary and i am going to use it to help with my writing but it will take a while. i also got a book with a lot of animals in it that i have never seen before. i use the dikshunary to help me understand the words about the animals. this way when i change, i can becum more things. also there was a dagron but it got away after burning a lot of the city but i am going to kill it and eat its heart in praise of malar.



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