The Salderine Empire

From the journal of Emthyra Berriel, entry 7

Mayuary 18th

We have been commissioned by the Spellswords to track down Ixon Negroit, son of the infamous W. Negroit. He is a necromancer of some talent, and may be the reason behind the scores of undead we have been encountering. He has white hair like myself, so he shouldn’t be too hard to find once we encounter him. We understand he may be accompanied by his sister, also a necromancer, so we may have some difficult days ahead of us. When we found his base of operationson the east side of the lake, we encountered several undead creatures, including a ghoul, some zombies, and a zombie dragon. Unfortunately, the ghoul dealt me some damage,and was more difficult to defeat than the dragon. We came upon sizeable loads of treasure, and there will be plenty to go around. Luckily, we found that Hou and Mystral are very capable team members, and are an excellent addition to our team.



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