The Salderine Empire

From the journal of Emthyra Berriel, entry 6

Oh Journal,
It feels as though it has been months rather than days since I have last written. And though it has been days, so much has occurred. The party has left Meadhollow, and the party has changed.

We are now in Bulver’s Bastion. We ventured here to get our charter signed by Liard, the magistrate of Meadhollow. Since he is never actually in Meadhollow, he forced our hand to complete our charter. After a rather unpleasant and forceful entry into Liard’s home, Sim and Roderick were able to obtain his signature. I disapprove of their methods, as they were foolish and ill advised, but they did get the job done.

I am staying in the Silverfish with the bookanomicon and Roderick.

Argoth is no longer with us. We assume he stole away in the night to attend Scarfcon. We may never know. We are now joined by Melmo, Hou, and Myst. Hou is not the most pleasant person I have ever met, but I am sure we will become friends in time. Myst is…also different. I believe she may be a witch as Argoth was, but she is…a unique spirit.

Oh my yes, I almost forgot! We were transported to a devil filled hellscape the likes of which will haunt my dreams until I die. We again met the she-devil Xydeca, who was responsible for our transport there in the first place. She had marked us as her servants! Who does she think she is marking a sworn servant of Ilmater in such a way? I was horrified at the thought and am still fuming about it. Unfortunatley, hell made me very antsy, and I could hardly think of anything but escape. Luckily, it seems that the wizard Hurlan has taken a shine to us, and pulled us from hell!

Until next time, may the blessings of Ilmater be with us all.



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