The Salderine Empire

From the journal of Emthyra Berriel, entry 4

I have little time but I wanted to record the events from the last few hours. Due to the irresponsible actions of some of my group members, we had brought a goblin raid upon the village of Meadhollow. The goblins set several areas ablaze and horrifyingly, kidnapped an innocent young girl. As our group set out to aid the village put out the flames, we gleaned information about the goblins whereabouts. We were met the with decision to go fight the goblins or engage in genocide. I chose the former.

As we set off, Melmo joined us. I was at first doubtful of her ability to aid us, but she proved me wrong in my initial assesment. At the goblin camp, we attempted to stealthily enter unseen, and enter an old ruin. However, much to my chagrin, the clanging of my chainmail armor alerted the goblins to our presence. After defeating them in combat, we made our way to the ruins. The doors were barred, but Sim was able to enter through a crack in the wall. Sim was met by two goblin guards, but I was able to break the doors down using my bull strength spell.

We were met with another group of goblins that we were able to vanquish, and we have fortified the ruins so that we may rest. There is an entryway to go underground, and that most assuredly is our next move.

Until next time, may the blessings of Ilmater be with you.



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